Done vs. Perfect = No Contest

IMG_3068By Dave

We kept putting it off and putting it off.

The pieces of artwork sat framed on the floor, leaning up against walls or furniture. They may have been out of the way, but they were adding to the cluttered chaos of the dining room.

While I had been able to look past them, my wife was not. Enough was enough. We were going to put them up that Saturday, and time was not a factor.

So, while food was cooking in the oven, we grabbed a hammer, a stepladder, some nails and went to work. Rather than obsessing as we normally do, we let our eyeballs do most of the measuring.

The paintings went up in short order and, instead of having a cluttered mess, we had three pieces of art on our walls, giving our bedroom in particular the feel of a boutique hotel suite.

How long did this all take? Not the 2-3 hours I feared it would. A mere 20-30 minutes was all that was required for the task.

My wife is known for asking the question: Do you want it perfect or do you want it done? This project was a reminder that the answer to the question is often a simple one.

Done beats perfect almost every time.

Let’s see if we can apply that lesson to our next project.